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    Decology Editorial Team
    Dec 17 th, 2016
    Expert Tips-Interiors 101 No Comments

    3 ways to Style your Bar Cart

    Your bar cart is still cool. It’s official. It’s a trend that keeps running and running. This humble but hard working piece of furniture deserves to be shown a bit of love.

    To create a truly stunning drinks display combine greenery, an interesting object, glassware, drinks paraphernalia, beautiful bottles and a tray to anchor  it all. And you don’t even need a bar cart to do it…just a table top, a corner cabinet and little bit of creative inspiration.

    So below, we’ve created three simple bar cart looks for you to try out at home. The twist? These are single mix carts, dressing up your cart to meet your party’s mood.

    Which one is your favourite?

    Look 1 – Martini Chic

    This look depends on high shine barware, classic Martini glasses, olives and a hint of greenery to amp up the wow factor. Dress it up with the perennial golden pineapple, and you’ve got a chic and sophisticated bar cart on your hands.

    Look 2 – Baltic Blend

    Clean lines, a strong, monochrome palette, and a backdrop of wintery red berries, brings a hint of the Baltic to your bar trolley. Focus on clean tasting, vodka based drinks and decorative white votives to keep this look on point.




    Look 3 – Rumbar

    Earthy, botanical with hints of the exotic, this look is about escapism and sheer indulgence. Mix with natural materials such as wicker, and muted copper tones to bring some warmth and colour to look.