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    Decology Editorial Team
    Aug 4 th, 2016
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    5 ways to style your shelves like a pro

    There are few things as satisfying as sorting out shelves, especially on a washout Sunday afternoon. Here at Decology, we absolutely love shelving – a rare mix of functionality and design, beautifully styled shelves are not merely a storage facility but provide a cool way to display your personality.

    Whether a small ladder shelf in the office or a wall to wall shelving unit in the playroom, make them personal and make them stand out. There are really no rules, but read on for five great tips to style your shelves like a pro: 

    Number 1: Colour code it

    Organising books by the colour of the spine creates a striking visual effect. A bit controversial, but unless you have a collection of thousands of books it should not make it any more difficult to find the one you are after.

    My library in the playroom, arranged by colour - makes chromatic impact

    My library in the playroom, arranged by colour – makes chromatic impact

    colour coded

    A large book shelf colour coding taken to the next level, creates an Ombre effect!

    Or go monochrome, like in this historic home by

    Or go monochrome, like in this historic home by


    Number 2: Show the love

    Collections? Hobbies? Interest? Display them on your shelves for all too see and enjoy.


    A collection of travel guides, looks striking and is certainly a conversation starter

    Najwa ADJ018

    Decologist Najwa Mroue creates a truly unique and personal display with her collection of pineapples and glass

    Number 3: Create your own personal gallery

    Paintings, decorative objects and artefacts create a beautiful and very personal display. Place the pieces in the nooks or even better, hang off the ledges.


    The shelves in my playroom. Children’s school artwork is given the art gallery treatment, proudly displayed next to Jonathan Adler Ceramic Fox and a wooden globe picked up in an art gallery in Ubud.




    Very common across the pond, art hung in front of book cases makes an impact. Styling by Julia Green via



    Decologist Anne-Marie Springer adds an irreverent touch to her display

    Number 4: Mix and match

    Try organising books in different orientations; vertical, horizontal and my personal favourite, a tip from Design Guru Abigail Ahern – turn some of the books around to show the cover!

    Books staked horizontally in this rock’n’roll home.

    Books staked horizontally in this rock’n’roll home.


    Or mix and match it, creating disorderly harmony.

    Add some greenery

    Adding natural elements to the display literally brings your shelf to life. Go all out recreating the effect of a living wall or strategically dot a cactus around.


    At the Decology office, our favourite interiors mags are brought to life with cacti and butterflies


    An eclectic mix of plants, transform this simple metal shelve into an indoor garden in an apartment in Rio.


    Finally,experiment and have fun with it. And if you need some help, our talented designers are here to help! Find out more…