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    Decology Editorial Team
    Nov 18 th, 2016
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    8 Quick tips to spruce up your guest bedroom

    Guests coming over? Is you Guest bedroom up to scratch?  Have you thought about  where will all your guests stay and how can you make their space more comfortable?

    We’re often so busy decorating the house, buying presents and food, it’s easy to forget that creating a bit of sanctuary for your guests can make their stay extra special. If your spare room has become a dumping ground for everything that doesn’t have a home, Decology has some top tips to spruce up your guest room and transform it into a peaceful haven for your guests.


    1. Declutter the space

    One of the easiest starting points to create a welcoming guest bedroom, is a quick clear of the surfaces and a general declutter. Ensure that the tops of dressers and side tables are clear in order to give your guests some space to unpack and make themselves feel at home.  From here you will have a blank canvas from which you can luxe up the rest of the space.


    1. Provide extra hangers and storage space for your guests

    When people arrive for the holidays, they will be bringing a variety of clothes to accommodate all possible scenarios; from winter walks to celebratory dinners, snowball fights to slobbing around watching box sets and eating chocolate – their suitcase will be packed full. Make the effort to clear at least half of the guest bedroom wardrobe , leaving plenty of good quality hangers for guests to hang their clothes. Likewise, clear some space in the drawers. Nothing says ‘you are welcome’ here than personal, allocated storage space.


    1. Create a nice, soft, inviting bed

    The guest bedroom often houses discarded furniture, including that 10 year old mattress. There is nothing more enticing than a comfortable bed. Add mattress toppers for an extra level of comfort. Although it’s a spare bedroom, your guests deserve good quality linen and plump pillows to ensure a good night’s sleep. Finally, add textural throws to soften the space and add warmth.

    1. Layer up your lighting

    Ensure your guest bedroom is well lit – both ambient to generally light the space, but also task lighting, such as bedside lights. Not everyone is going to want to sleep at the same time so make sure you have some cosy lamps by the bedside in case your guests want to read. Good layered lighting brings ambience and warmth to a room.


    1. A well-stocked bedside table

    Here is an opportunity to go a bit boutique hotel on your guests – a scented candle, perhaps a small bowl in which guests can place their jewellery before heading to sleep, a couple of books. It’s these personal touches that resonate with people and show that you’ve gone the extra mile.


    1. A fresh vase of flowers

    An obvious one but flowers really do lift a room. Keep it simple – it doesn’t need to be a massive bouquet. It’s just a small touch that conveys thoughtfulness and a welcome. A good tip is to avoid any flowers with an overwhelming scent as this can aggravate allergies etc.


    1. Jug of water and glasses on a side table

    In order to avoid your thirsty guests waking up the house, place a jug of water and glasses in the room so that guests don’t have to wander around late at night trying to locate where the glasses are.


    1. Little extras

    A pair of slippers, a bath robe, spare toiletries, paracetomol (depending on how much everyone is planning to drink!) show you care and want to make their stay as comfortable as possible. These little luxuries make your guests feel special and lets them know you appreciate them making the visit to see you.

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