Interiors Style: Industrial Urban

Interiors Style: Industrial Urban

July 29, 2017

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The industrial revolution brought accessibility and mass production to the world of interior design.  An abundance of ornate decorative objects descended on our homes and now we cannot get enough of the reasonably priced products that make our dwellings look inviting.

Industrial interior design however, is a revolution against the flow of standardised interiors. It emerged from an increasing demand for individuality. When old factories and industrial spaces were being developed into apartments, a unique style emerged inspired by the appreciation of valuable objects and materials. It is like a woman who has chosen to forsake her accessories and heavy make up to show her inner beauty.

So, what are the most recognisable elements of Industrial interior design?

Open Plan rooms

The interior architecture of the industrial style relies on the “open plan”. This is to create an unfinished feel but more importantly to maximise the functionality of the space. Create rooms that encourage interaction rather than separation.  Layout your furniture layout such that it creates the visual barriers and the separation between the different areas.

Stripped back surfaces


In this open plan space, it is important that the building materials are proudly displayed rather then concealed.

The carpet is pulled out to expose rough weathered wood surfaces, the plaster is removed to show exposed bricks and the supporting structures have bare concrete elements. This shows a lot of appreciation for the history of the building and to the hard work that helped create it.

Metal elements

Metal is a prevailing element in the industrial design arena. The exposed iron pipes and ducts are interesting decor elements and they offer easy access to the infrastructure of the home. Copper and galvanized steel are my favourites. The stainless steel surfaces add brightness and sophistication to the space too.

Salvaged objects:

picture 4a

Industrial interior deign encourages the idea of giving old pieces of furniture a new life.

Different parts are thoughtfully combined to pay homage to old inventions.  The result is definitely a combination between function and style. Repurpose, reuse and recycle is not only ethical, but also a great way to create those unique elements that distinguishes this style from any other.

Why not use a plane engine as a base for a coffee table or an old school bench as your sofa?

picture 5a



Lighting adds more originality to the warehouse style space. From Plumbing pipes, and pulleys inspired lighting, to scissor accordion lighting sconces; the originality in the mechanics behind these pieces are abundant. There is  great emphasis on the mechanical workings of lighting pieces and that is why they are left exposed.

It takes a lot courage to open yourself up. And this is precisely the beauty of the industrial interior design. It is bold and daring and is not afraid to show what it is made of.


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