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    Decology Editorial Team
    Jan 11 th, 2017
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    Decology’s Top 5 Interior Resolutions for 2017

    2017 has arrived. With it comes the opportunity to start over, clean the slate and detox. This doesn’t only apply to our selves, but our interiors and homes too. After much discussion,the Decology team have finally settled on their top interior design resolutions that can help you up your interior game in 2017 and help lead the way to a more inspiring, happier, and relaxed home.
    Take your pick of our top 5 resolutions for home improvements and see our quick tips and suggestions on how to achieve them.
    1. Declutter the Coat Cupboard
    This is often one of the most neglected areas of the house. Now is the time to get organised. Declutter any rogue items (cleaning products, extension leads etc.) re-house items and reorganise. Clearing this up will automatically give you more room. Then maximize this new found space by investing in additional loose hangars, over the door hanging racks and shoe cabinets. This will help keep everything in place and make it easy to keep tidy.
    2. Home Office Style –
    Why should your place of work be boring? More and more people are working from home in the UK than ever before.  An inspirational and organised space can really motivate and help you to be more productive. Focus on a quality desk and seating, then keep things minimal and organised to promote an efficient working atmosphere. Include framed prints with colourful accents or a handful of inspirational quotes or images to provide points of visual interest and focus.
    3. Living Room Luxe –
    Why restrict your bedroom to being the only sanctuary in the house?  The living room is one of the hardest working rooms in the house and there’s no reason why you can’t create an elevated boutique hotel feel in this room also. The new year brings a perfect opportunity to freshen up your living room if it became more shabby, than chic in 2016. Push your boundaries, go for a deeper colour accent, a bolder pattern contrast – a refresh can be a positive and uplifting way to start the year.
    4. Gallery Wall Goals –
    Went mad in IKEA buying photo frames when you moved house? Never got round to doing anything with the family holiday pics? A gallery wall can tick two boxes at the same time. Not only does it bring to life treasured and happy memories in an organised fashion, it can help to create an engaging vista in areas of the house that are typically given little attention – elevating your interior to a new level. Likewise, they can be easily updated and refreshed, providing a flexible styling space that can be adjusted as  appropriate.
    5. Kitchen Remix –
    Bring a bit of personality to your kitchen. Too often kitchens are seen as purely functional spaces rather than another room that can bring warmth and personality to your interior. Add some atmosphere and intimacy to your dining area with a dimmer switch and some low level lighting. Likewise refresh your tableware and mix and match pieces, or chairs to bring a more informal feel to the space.
    What is your Interiors Resolution for 2017? Start your project now and make it count!