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    Elizabeth Danon
    Dec 16 th, 2016
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    Decologist Elizabeth Danon Present Wrapping Guide

    Not many people can say they’re a professional present wrapper and not earning millions from it. However, I am the exception.

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    At the tender age of 16 I worked during Christmas at Penhaligons shops in Mayfair, Burlington Arcade, Covent Garden and Kensington. With the flurry of rich people barking perfume orders at me, I became a dab hand at wrapping gifts without even having to look at my hands.

    I was trained during the summer by a wonderful French lady who used to open the storeroom door to fart into. Quite the character and rather considerate too.

    By Christmas I could gift wrap a cat.

    Since then, each and every year I’ve used my skills to create awe inspiring wrapping, my favourite moment is when they realise there’s no tape – such glee in their eyes.

    So I’ve decided to impart my wisdom to you with a step by step guide to professional wrapping.


    1. Keep it simple
    2. No tape
    3. Use elbows when necessary

    To find out how head to her blog ….