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    What is Decology?

    Decology is an online platform providing a virtual interior design services to home and business owners across the UK. We connect you with our talented pool of professional interior designers. For an affordable flat fee per room, our Decologists will work with your style and budget to transform your space. Further more every project is backed by our 100% Money Back Guarantee, if you’re not delighted with your design we’ll refund your design fee.

    What is the Decology Design Journey?

    The Decology Design Journey, has been designed with you in mind and will take you from dreaming about a space to living in the space of your dreams in four easy steps:

    Step 1 – Tell us about yourself

    Select your design package, then tell us about yourself and your project – your lifestyle, budget, dreams, inspiration and vision. Help us to really get to know you, uploading pictures of your existing space, floorplans and as many clippings of what inspires you.

    Overwhelmed? Don’t fret, we have handy guides to assist you in these tasks.

    Step 2 – Find your Designer

    We will match you with the best designers for your project. Depending on your design package, up to five of our talented decologists will prepare a concept-board especially for your space, check out their profiles and portfolios to choose your favourite (with our Express Service, we will choose the best match for you!).

    Step 3 – Get Inspired

    Once you have selected your decologist, your designer will get to work. You will then collaborate with them online, to get your interior just how you want it. Once you’re happy, your designer will provide you with a final room plan, a visualisation board and a styling guide according to the design package you chose. Check here to see what you get for each package.

    Step 4 – Shop the Look

    A shopping list of all the items in your design will then be available in your room page. You can shop the whole look, or pick and choose your favourite pieces. Whatever works for you, everything you choose will be delivered directly from our makers to your home.

    Now all that is left to do is relax in your beautiful new space. Why not take a moment to rate and review your designer.

    What is the 100% Money Back Guarantee?

    Every Decology project is backed by our 100% Money Back Guarantee, if you’re not delighted with your design, we’ll refund 100% of your design fee.

    If you are experiencing any problems, please contact us at our experienced in-house design team will try and sort out the issue, if you we haven’t been able to put it right and you are still unhappy we’ll refund your design fee.

    You can request a refund at any time before you have committed to one designer and the design stage has commenced.

    What do I get with my design package?

    At the end of your project you will get everything you need to bring to live the vision you and your chosen decologist created through the collaborative design journey. This will include the inspirational Style Board, a Room Plan plus a 2D visualisation board with the Classic plan or even a 3D visualisation board with our Prime Package! You will also get a Styling Guide with all the instructions as to how to setup and style your room, and access to your Shopping Cart where all the pieces used in the design will be available for you to buy online.

    What types of projects should I use Decology for?

    Here at Decology we can manage any type of project, big or small, so long as you don’t require any building work done (e.g. moving walls)*. From dressing up a flat for sale, to redesigning an existing layout and designing from scratch an empty space, our talented  decologists can manage it. We’ll help you put together a unique scheme and find the pieces to bring your vision to life! We can help with any room in your house, retail or office space. If you’d like to discuss your project please contact us at

    *But if you do require any building work to be done, we can recommend one of our trusted home builders.

    Why should I choose Decology?

    The Decology Design Journey is a unique interior design experience, when you design a space through Decology we promise that:

    1.- It is done Professionally – We take great care in the selection of the designers in our community, all our decologists are professional designers vetted based on their talent, passion and experience.

    2.- It is Affordable – We believe that good design does not need to cost the earth, our designers work on a flat fee and stick to your budget. No hidden cost, no upselling, no surprises.

    3.- It is 100% Bespoke – Every Decology design is unique and bespoke, developed by one of our talented designers specifically to meet your needs and wants.

    4.- It is (nearly) Effortless – The Decology journey is designed to suit you.  You work with your Decologist and shop your look online. Anytime. Anywhere.

    5.- It is Assured – Our aim is for you to be happy in your space. If you are not 100% satisfied with the result, we will return your design fee.

    How long does the process take?

    The Decology journey has been designed to accommodate the specifics of online collaboration, where designers and clients use the platform to communicate. A typical Decology project will take 14 – 16 days to complete. Every additional room in the project could add 3 to 4 days to the design phase. It could take less or more depending on how quickly you communicate with your Decologist and how many changes you would like to make.

    I saw you had three design packages, what are those?

    Designers with all levels of experience are part of the Decology network. So, to reflect the different levels of experience we have devised a tiered system – not dissimilar to what you encounter in a hair salon. Regardless of their level of experience all of our designers are carefully selected through a rigorous vetting process. According to the design package you choose, you get a different tiered designer plus different deliverables:

    EXPRESS– Our young resident designers will bring a spark of fresh ideas to your space, for £125 per room. Best for refreshing your Decor.

    CLASSIC – Our established Up-and-Coming designers bring a wealth of experience and skill to your project, for £250 per room. Best for restyling and updating your room.

    PRIME – Our Top-of-their-Game designers are true craftsmen. Legends in their own right, there’s no better visionary to have on your side, for £500 per room. Best for designing your room from scratch.

    Click here to see a detailed overview of the design packages.

    Can I have my designer visit my house?

    Yes! with every design package you have an option to add a home visit by your chosen designer. The prices for the home visits are as follows:

    EXPRESS– £75

    CLASSIC – £125

    PRIME – £200

    A Decology home visit is conducted by the designer you have selected through after the concept submission concept. The home visits are conducted in your home and it is an opportunity for you to meet your designer and show them around the space. If you have discussed specific items prior to the home visit the designer will bring samples to show and discuss with you.The home visits take about 2 hours.

    If you wish to have a house visit please add it to you project at check out.

    At this moment this service is only available for clients based in London

    Click here to see a detailed overview of the design packages.

    I have an open plan space, what option should I select?

    Select the Open Plan Space option, as long as the space includes two functional areas (a kitchen and a dining room, for example). The cost for this option is 1.6 times the single room rate. If you area includes more than two functional areas add additional single rooms as appropriate.

    What information do I need to provide the designers?

    We ask you to submit a Design Brief. This includes an online questionnaire, pictures of the current room, a floor plan, inspirational pictures and pictures of any items that you would like to keep or would like specifically included in you design. It is important that you submit a complete Design Brief, as the designers need this to best understand the layout and vision for your space. Once you have selected your Decologist you will be able to share more information with them through the Design phase and work together to edit the design until it reflects your vision for your space.

    Do you have any specific guidelines as to how and what to I need to make pictures of for the design brief?

    The pictures you submit with your brief, will enable the designer to better picture the space and your vision. Make pictures of your current room and of any specific pieces that you would like to use as inspiration for the design. Check out our handy step by step ‘How to photograph your room’ guide, it will give you an idea of how to photograph your room so that the designer can picture it best.

    I have never done a floor plan, do you have any guidelines?

    The floorplan you submit as part of the Design Brief, is the schematic representation of the room your decologist will be working on, needless to say it is a very important piece of information. Once you get your head around it, drawing a floorplan is not so complicated, there are many digital tools available or you can use good old pencil and paper. Follow our simple  ‘How to draw your floorplan’  guide to ensure that you capture all the relevant information.

    Once I have submitted my Design Brief, can I make any changes?

    The easiest way to do this is to email us with your amends and we will make the changes for you. If you would like to amend your design brief, please email us on

    What should I include in my budget?

    We pride ourselves for working within your budget, that is why it is important that you give us an accurate indication of how much have you set aside for your project. You should include in the budget, furniture, lighting, flooring, window treatments, etc anything that will be in your room excluding the cost of contractors to implement the project. So for example if you are planning to redecorate the walls, your budget would include the paint but not the decorators.

    What is a Concept Board?

    In the Concept Phase of your project, you will receive up to five concept boards (depending on what design package you choose) from different designers that match your project. The Concept Board is the inspiration and vision the designer has for your space, it could include a sample room, inspirational clippings and pictures of specific pieces; if you have indicated that you have specific pieces that should serve as inspiration they would be included as well. Remember, the Concept Board is not a final design, it is just a starting point for you and your chosen designer. Here is a sample Concept Board:

    Lorraine concept 2

    How do I contact the designers that have submitted concept boards?

    You can contact the designers through the platform, you can either send a private message or post a general message that all designers are able to see.

    When do I have to select a decologist?

    You can only select a Decologist if you have selected the Classic or Prime Design Package. If you have, we ask you to select your designer within 5 days after the Concept Phase closes, the Concept Phase will close 3-5 days after you have launched you project or when 2-5 designers have made submissions. If you do not choose a designer to work with within 5 days, we will send you a reminder, the project will remain live for 30 days when you can still choose a designer. If however, you haven’t chosen a designer after 30 days we will pause the project, you can always reactivate the project when you are ready to proceed by contacting us at

    What happens once I select a designer?

    Congratulations! Your beautiful bespoke space is on it’s way! Once you select a decologist, you move into the design phase. During this phase you and your designer will collaborate to  develop the design, communicating using the platform’s messaging service. Your designer will share style board and floor plans and ask for more information if needed;  you’ll be able to give your designer feedback in order to edit the design until it reflects your vision for your space.

    I am happy with my design, now what?

    Once you are 100% happy, you can approve the design and the designer will proceed to prepare your final design package, which includes the final Style Board and a Room Plan for all packages plus a 2D visualisation plan for Classic packages or an 3D visualisation plan for Prime packages. In addition, you receive a Styling Guide and access to your shopping cart with all the products in your design.

    How do I communicate with my designer through the journey?

    The entire design process is online, you can easily interact with your decologist through the platform. If you feel that you want to speak with the designer, we can organise a Skype conference call, just let us know at

    What type of items will be included in my design?

    In the design brief we ask you to indicate what areas you would like to address in your design, our decologist can advise on wall finishes, flooring, window treatment, lighting, fixtures, furniture, soft furnishings and accessories. Our products come from a variety of sources from popular retailers, to trade only suppliers and antique dealers. This is to ensure that we can design a unique space for you.

    Can the designer suggest a custom made item in my design?

    We recognise that in some of the period homes in the UK, with their quirks and nooks, the best solution for a space might require a custom made piece. Our designers will at times recommend custom made pieces or built in furniture. Where a custom made piece is suggest the relevant return policy will be clearly stated, where made to measure items (such as window treatments) or built in furniture is recommended, you will need to get an approved contractor to take final measurements and make the item.

    How do I purchase the pieces in my design?

    Once you approve your design, your decologist will send you the final style board, the room plan, a styling guide and you will be able to access your shopping cart directly through the platform. To purchase the items, simply select from the list the pieces you want to purchase pay online and we will place the order with the retailer or maker. Simple as that! The supplier will then organise delivery directly with you!

    What if I want to return an item?

    We honour our supply partners individual return policy. If you would like to return an item please contact the retailer or maker that supplied the item to organise the return with them directly. If you have any issues we are always here to help, please contact us on Please remember that custom made items, fabrics and material might have different return policy.

    Do you get discounts when you order through Decology?

    We work hard to negotiate the best prices for our clients, often times we are able to get better prices than available on the internet or discounts on delivery. If any discount is available on an item on your shopping cart, it will be applied when you checkout.

    Can I ask for changes once I approve my design?

    After you have approved your design you can contact your decologist for 30 days, they will be happy to make reasonable changes for you. Can’t get a hold of you your designer? Contact us on

    I don’t like any of the designs, can I request a refund for my design package?

    Every Decology project is backed by our 100% Delight Guarantee,  if you are unhappy for any reason please contact us on our internal design team will try to mediate with the designer and put it right for you. If  you are still unhappy, we will refund 100% of your design fee. You can request a full refund of your design fees at any point before the final design has been approved.

    Where do the designers come from?

    Decology is an invitation-only platform. To ensure that you receive the highest quality of design and best service, designers are carefully vetted before we welcome them into our community. In considering a designer, we look at their credentials, work experience and portfolio or sample design submissions.

    Can I invite a specific decologist to work on my project?

    Yes! Simply invite the decologist you are interested in working with to join your project by pressing the invite button on the Decologist profile. However, we cannot guarantee that all designers that are invited to join a project will do so. That will depend on their individual availability.

    Can you recommend tradesmen for my project?

    We are in the process of incorporating approved tradesmen to our platform. Send us your enquiry to and we will try to assist you.

    I live outside the UK, can I still use Decology?

    If you live outside the UK, you are very welcome to use Decology, however the products that the designers recommend come mostly from UK based suppliers, so additional costs will be incurred for delivery and applicable taxes.

    What is the best way to contact you if I am experiencing a problem?

    We can be reached at any time, just email us at