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    What is Decology and Why should I join?

    What is Decology?

    Decology is an online platform providing a 100% online interior design service to clients across the UK. We connect our talented pool of professional designers with home and business owners that want help designing their spaces.

    Clients post their projects on the Decology platform, after which designers are notified and then have the opportunity to bid for the project by submitting a concept design board. Once a client has selected a designer to work with, the Designer will work with them one-to-one through the Decology Platform.

    Clients pay a fixed, flat fee per room. Decology takes 20% of the  total design fee, once the project is signed-off. When the project is complete, the client can then ‘shop-the-look’ through our platform, and we share the trade discount with you, through our profit share scheme!

    How much do I get paid for a Decology Project?

    All of our prices are inclusive of VAT, designers get 80% of the fee and Decology 20%. Your take home amount, for each of the packages is:

    Classic Package – £200 inc VAT, £166.67 Ex VAT

    Prime Package – £400 inc VAT, £333.33 Ex VAT

    Additionally, designers get 20% of any product profitability.

    What makes Decology different?

    Decology gives interior designers the opportunity to reach a new audience – people that are not traditionally clients. We virtually connect designers with design opportunities. Our network of designers and our proprietary online platform, makes the Decology Design journey a unique experience. For designers, Decology also provides a platform to build-on and enhance their independent business. We take care of the marketing, billing and paperwork, leaving you time to do what you do best – be Creative!

    How do I become a Decologist?

    Decology is an invitation-only platform. To ensure that our clients receive the highest quality of design and best service, designers are carefully vetted before we welcome them into our community. In considering a designer, we look at their credentials, work experience and portfolio or sample design submissions. We consider designers with all levels of experience. Once we have evaluated your experience, we’ll let you know if you’re a good fit for Decology. If you would like to join, please click here  to fill in the Designer Submission Form.

    How much does it cost to join as a Decologist?

    Absolutely nothing! Joining Decology is completely free for designers.

    I am just starting in interior design, can I become a Decologist?

    Absolutely! Part of our mission is to nurture new and local talent. If you are just starting out, you would join as an Up-and-Coming Decologist.

    What are the benefits of joining Decology as a designer?

    When you join Decology as a designer, you are joining as a partner in a virtual design studio. We help our designers build a successful freelance career through:

    • Access to a new audience that would not have otherwise used a professional design service.
    • Press office.
    • A profit share scheme.
    • Professional photography of completed projects.
    • Marketing tools.

    We are constantly thinking about ways to improve our offering to our designers, if you have a suggestion please contact

    But wouldn’t participating in Decology cannibalise my current clientele?

    The short answer is no! We’re targeting clients that do not currently use interior design services. Have you ever wondered why in a country obsessed by home improvement and interiors, only 4% of ‘affluent’ households use a professional interior design service? The answer is mainly cost – current design services are too expensive! We believe that by simplifying the process and sharing the workload between designers, clients and Decology, we can reduce the cost structure and for the first time, make interior design services accessible to all; while ensuring our designers can build a profitable business.

    What are the different designer tiers?

    Decology accepts designers with all levels of experience. We want to help new designers build their portfolio and their business and want to help experienced designers expand their reach and explore other routes to market. As long as you are talented, creative, client-oriented and professional we want you as part of our network. So, to reflect the different levels of experience we have devised a tiered system – not dissimilar to what you encounter in a hair salon.

    UP-AND-COMING – if you are just starting out or have less than 3 years’ professional experience.

    TOF-OF-THEIR-GAME – if you have between 3-15 years’ professional interior design experience, be it independently or within a studio.

    MASTERS-OF-THEIR-GAME – if you have more than 10 years’ professional interior design experience are well regarded in the industry and are household names

    Can I upgrade my tier?

    Yes! Once you join Decology the projects you complete on the platform can be added to your total projects for purposes of upgrading your tier, so long as:

    1.- The projects were completed within the time frames allowed for in the Decology Design Journey Flow, and

    2.- You have an overall rating of 4 starts or more from the client

    When you reach the upgrade threshold we will notify you.

    The Decology Design Journey

    Can you explain the Decology Design Journey?

    The Decology design journey starts with a client posting a project online through our platform, by selecting the designer tier they want to work with and filling out our detailed online design brief. Designers in the relevant tier are then notified of the project and can submit a digital design concept based on the Client’s style preferences, budget and specifications.

    Applyding for the  project will close once 3-5 design concepts have been submitted . Once the client has chosen their Decologist, they are free to collaborate with them through the platform to develop a final design. When this is approved by the client, the designer will prepare the final deliverables – a digital 3D style board, 2D room layout, styling instruction and shopping cart.

    What is the timeline for a Decology project?

    The Decology journey has been designed to accommodate the specifics of online collaboration, where designers and clients use the platform to communicate. A typical Decology project will take 14 – 16 days to complete.


    Note that these times are indicative, and are dependent on the clients response time.

    So how much of my time will a Decology project take?

    Every designer is different, and we recognise that it will take a while to get used to working 100% virtually. Once you are up-to-speed and familiar with the platform and the product database, running a Decology project shouldn’t take more than 6-8 hours of your time. From our experience, creating the initial concept board takes about 1 to 2 hours, the design phase takes 4 to 6 hours, and creation of the final design package should take around an additional hour.

    What should I include in the ‘Concept Board’?

    Your concept board is your pitch to win the project, it should inspire the client and communicate the feel you envision the space will have. It could include a sample room that reflects your vision, inspirational clippings and pictures of specific pieces. Designers will normally use a design suite to do this, or you can use one of the many online tools available such as sampleboard. When putting together your concept board remember that:

    1. Everything in the board should be available for the client to buy online or should be in the product database,
    2. The design should be within the client’s budget, and
    3. Everything should be uploaded in high-resolution image format (.png, .jpeg or .pdf) and printable in high resolution A4 size
    Lorraine concept 2

    Sample concept board

    What if my design is selected?

    Congratulations! You are now working on a Decology project! Once the client selects your design, you move into the design phase. During this phase you develop the design, collaborating and communicating with the client using the platform’s messaging service. You can share style board and floor plans, ask for more information about the space or client’s lifestyle, get feedback on your proposed design and evaluate options, etc. Once the client is happy and the submitted design is approved, you move to the project completion phase.

    My design has been approved, now what?

    Once your design is approved by the client you enter the completion phase. You now need to prepare the final style board, the 2D room layout and write the styling guide, you can use our styling guide format  or write your own. After uploading all your files to the project page, please send us a list of all the products in your design so that we can create the shopping list for the clients. We have prepared a blank spreadsheet that you can use as a template, click here to download it.

    The great news is that once your design is approved your design fee payment will be processed.

    What should I include within the client’s budget?

    Keeping to the client’s budget is paramount, and one of our key promises  to our clients. The client’s budget should include all pieces in the design, fabrics, wall covering flooring, paint, etc. It should not include any of the labour or building work costs associated with the implementation of the design.

    How am I paid for my completed project?

    The Friday after the project is approved by the client you will be paid your design fee directly into your supplied account. If you choose to be paid via Paypal or Stripe, then the appropriate payment gateway fees will be deducted from your design fee.

    What products can I include in my design?

    For your design you can choose to include pretty much any product that you want as long as it can be bought online by the client directly. Please do not include any Trade Only products, the rule of thumb is if you have to be involved in the purchasing of a product, then it is a no-go.

    What is the Decology database, and why should I include products from it in my designs?

    We are currently developing the product database. It  will contain unique handpicked products from retailers and suppliers that join the Decology network. The products on the catalogue can be directly added to the shopping cart and be purchased by the client through the Decology platform. This not only gives our Clients access to a unique set of products not available to the general public, but it also makes the Decology experience a much better one.

    Trade discounts will be negotiated with the suppliers which might allow us to offer our clients a small discount on their purchases and fund the profit share scheme. Using the products in the catalogue will result in better value for both the clients and the designers.

    We are constantly looking to add to our catalogue, if you know a great supplier and would like them added please contact us at

    I know an amazing supplier, how can I add them to the database?

    We are always looking to add to our database, if you know a great supplier and would like them added, please contact us at

    What about made-to-measure elements?

    You are free to suggest made to measure or custom items, such as built in cabinetry, furniture, window treatments, wallpaper etc. but you should reiterate to the client:

    • For Material – Measurements should be taken for the supplier where the material (fabrics, wallpaper, etc.) is being ordered
    • For Built-in / made to measure items – The detailed design is done by the relevant professional contractor (e.g. joiner)
    • For Custom made / made to order items – Of the return policy for all custom-made items

    What should I include within the client’s budget?

    Keeping to the client’s budget is paramount, and one of our key promises  to our clients. The client’s budget should include all pieces in the design, fabrics, wall covering flooring, paint, etc. It should not include any of the labour or building work costs associated with the implementation of the design.

    How do I communicate with a client?

    All communications should be made through the Decology platform. Clients and designers can leave you messages in the project room. Communicating exclusively through the platform is the best way to avoid scope-creep and ensure you keep to a profitable design time. If necessary we can organize a conference call with the client.  We recommend that you do not share your direct contact details with the client. If you have any questions, please contact us on and we’ll be happy to help.

    What makes a successful design project?

    A successful project is one where the client is delighted with the result – simple! Every designer is different, and you’ll find your formula to achieve this success when designing through the Decology platform, but these are the things that we believe make for a successful project:

    1. Listen to the Client – read and interpret carefully the design brief and the inspiration photos uploaded by the Client, the information within will be your guide on the client’s style wants and needs.
    1. Stay Within Budget – designing for the budget is part of our pledge to our clients. We all know of beautiful things that are firmly out of our reach, the best way to ensure the client is delighted with the result is to make sure they can afford your proposal.
    1. Communicate – ask questions, post comments and respond to client feedback. And do it on a timely manner.
    1. Be on time – answer the client’s queries in a timely manner, keep to the suggested timeline and make sure the project deliverables are quickly uploaded.

    How can I get my project photographed?

    We want to help our designer partners to create a beautiful portfolio. To that end, professional photography at preferential rates may be coordinated if desired. Please contact Decology for more information at


    What happens if a client requests a refund?

    Happiness with a Decology project is guaranteed. If the client is unhappy with the service, they are entitled to a full refund of design fees at any point up until the moment the design is approved (Design phase). If a client requests a refund, the Decology internal design team will try to address the issue, if the client is still unhappy, then a refund will be issued and the designer, and Decology, will not get paid. The best way to avoid this situation is to keep communicating with the client, and if at any point you feel you are having trouble, then let us know so that we can try and resolve the problem. You can contact us on

    I am having trouble working with my client, what should I do?

    If you encounter any issues working with a client, or you feel that you are not able to communicate effectively with them, then please contact us on and we will try to mediate and address the situation. It is important that you contact us immediately if there is a problem.

    I have some additional questions, who should I contact?

    If you have any other questions or suggestions please get in touch with us at, we would love to hear from you!

    I suggested a product for a client, but now it is not available, what should I do?

    A times, you may find that a product at some stage after a project was completed, is no longer available for purchase. In that case we ask designers to propose a couple of alternatives for the client.

    I completed a project but the client keeps contacting me, what should I do?

    If after you have completed a project the client continues contacting you beyond what is reasonable, then please contact us on, and we will address the situation.