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    Decology Editorial Team
    Sep 26 th, 2016
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    Five ways to make your house feel like a home


    Recently moved into a new home? Transforming a blank canvas into your own personal space can be tricky. Where to start? What colour schemes to go for? Which furniture will suit? And how do you tie it all together? Rest assured, interior fans – our team of experts are on hand to help you every step of the way. Whether it’s a start point you need or some expert advice, our Decologists operate on an entirely personal programme ensuring your design is unique. And, just in case you need some extra ideas, we’ve rounded up our top five tricks to transform your house into a home.


    Consider your needs and design around them

    Newly-weds? Small family? Big family? There’s no point designing a room which won’t suit your lifestyle. While you may love a super-slick, streamlined look, if you’re parent to ‘three under three’, the likelihood is it won’t stay super-slick and streamlined for long. That spare reception room may need to be transformed into a playroom, or you might need to knock down a wall to make a large open-plan family-friendly kitchen diner. Consider who will be living in the house, the purpose of each room and make an informed decision on your style and décor scheme from there.


    Photo credit: Murals Wallpaper, Elle Decoration SE

     Design around your interests

    We find many ‘empty nesters’ begin enjoying a new lease of life filled with new hobbies and interests once the kids leave home – perhaps pottery, painting, even novel-writing. Why not incorporate your hobbies into your new home? The ‘spare room conundrum’, as we call it, no longer poses a challenge! If you’re a collector, display your objects proudly – wall-to-wall shelving (see our previous blog: or standalone displays are always impressive.

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    Photo credit: 1st Dibs , The Playing Circle

    Add some personality

    A blank wall can seem stark – fill it with photos and memories of loved ones to instantly inject some warmth to your home. Feature photo walls are always popular, but we also like tastefully stacking them around a fireplace or along a mantel. Mix up your heights, source frames with different shapes and textures and randomly – but lovingly! – style them.

    Photo credit: Indeed Décor, The Design Files


    Let some life in

    Always a fast-track to creating a warm and welcoming environment, houseplants (and foliage in general) are having a ‘moment’. From cacti to potted palms, creating a sense of indoor-outdoor is a surefire way to instantly bring your home to life. Tuck them neatly into corners, hang planters in bathrooms or line mini pots along a windowsill. Alternatively, mix-and-match different vases for a casual feel, or simple jam jars look equally as chic.


    Photo credit: The Telegraph,  Airows


    Embrace sentimentality

    That beautiful, wooden ottoman may be heavy, clunky and slightly out of place, but if you’re lucky enough to inherit a beautiful litem of furniture, show it off! Create a concept to work alongside your treasured possessions. Our Decologists are experts in this field – all customers have the option to brief their designer on key items of furniture and can request a style to suit them. Find out more about setting a brief here:

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    For further information on how a Decologist can help make your house a home, visit Prices start from as little as £250.