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    Najwa Mroue
    Jun 8 th, 2016
    Interiors Tribe-The Traditionalist No Comments

    Interiors Tribe: Classic

    Are you a classic decorator? Then surely you don’t you get nervous when someone asks you if you prefer Rococo to Louis XIV ? And the agony of trying to figure out whether the side table is Queen Anne or Early Georgian!

    All these design styles may sometimes feel complicated, and unattainable.  They only exist in the world of Lord Grantham of Downton Abbey. Even if one tries to replicate the look, the aesthetics would seem dated and uncomfortable. Fortunately, the advent of the 21st century brought more fluidity to the world of interiors.  Many new hybrid and interconnected design movements emerged.

    One of them draws influence from the traditional styles that seemed out of reach, but it traded stuffiness and exclusivity with warmth and elegance. We call it the traditional classic design. Here are some tips to keep in mind when decorating your home in the traditional classic design style:


     Go for a neutral colour palette

    The first thing to keep in mind when you are going for the traditional classic look is to keep it neutral.

    Start with white ceiling and follow with warmer colours on the wall such as creams and light yellows or some light pastels to soften the room.

    When you are done choosing the paint, add lightly gilded elements such as mirrors to reflect light.


     Inject historical references into your space:

    The traditional classic design style has simple key pieces of furniture.

    Where it differs from other modern styles is the introduction of some traditional elements to the room. Why not add 2 curvy gilded chairs next to the sofa? You don’t have to get original antiques. The high street is flooded with replicas that are beautiful and affordable.

    Upholstering existing chairs or armchairs in floral printed fabrics is a great option.

    Adding crystal Chandeliers, bronze candelabras in the form of candles and wall sconces can also add a feeling of grandeur to the space.

    Preserve the original architectural details

    While furniture is significant in the traditional classic design, preserving the original architectural features of the space is essential. Grand fireplaces, original cornice, dado rails, and skirting are true marks of distinction in a property. The interplay between the simple elegant furniture and the ancient motifs such as stands of pearls, flower garlands, rosettes, and festoons creates the balance needed to get that elegant feel you are looking for.



    Keep it formal

    Arranging your furniture in symmetrical lines and shapes will give the room a formal feel.  But formal does not mean uncomfortable. By using natural materials you can create the perfect balance between elegance and comfort.

    A perfect example is parquet flooring, which is both luxurious and cozy. The patterns are geometrical with the most popular being herringbone. You can always add some rugs with soft pile on top of the wood floors for extra coziness.

    Chose soft fabrics such as linen and silk to create Classical curtains with pelmets, decorative cords, ribbons, and laces. Those decorative elements can also adorn decorative pillows, tablecloth, lampshades.



    The UK is the perfect place for traditional classic interiors. The well preserved homes boast all the great features of traditional design but are also blank canvases ready to accommodate all the modern nuances o