Grown-up Pastel Shades

Grown-up Pastel Shades

April 6, 2017

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Spring is in the air, Easter around the corner and all thing pastel in the shops. So can pastel shades break out of the nursery? We think they can, read on to find out how.

On our recent trip to Paris we checked in the amazing boutique hotel, Le Lapin Blanc, it appeared that inspiration was found closer to home than they could have imagined, we returned to London buzzing about the ‘grown-up pastels’ spotted throughout the Alice in Wonderland-themed residence.

Design by Decologist Nicky Bailey

Pastels are a tricky trend; they return to our radar year after year, but are often met with a mixed reaction. Sickly-sweet shades of candy pink can be childish. Pastel yellows are a little too ‘Easter Bunny’. Yet there’s something about a pastel shade that makes it the perfect accent to a number of décor schemes; we love the pairing of greys, taupes and moody blues with a soft shade of pastel pink or green.

Design by Decologist Cally O’Loghlin 

With this in mind, pastel shades shouldn’t be restricted to nurseries and playrooms. There is a way to create an adult-friendly pastel scheme.

“Work against stereotypes”, advises Decology founder Sharon Costi. “Pastel pink actually suits darker colour palettes; think wooden floors and grey cushions. Rich, velvet midnight blues will complement softer mint green shades, or pair a dusky shade of yellow with black for a graphic take on the trend”.

Design by Decologist Cally O’Loghlin 

“Pattern will be your friend here; weave contrasting shades into patterns and fabrics and look for smaller accessories to complement your chosen scheme. Rich, walnut woods also add to this grown-up feel. But steer clear of whites. This can feel too much like a nursery school”.


Don’t be afraid of pastel paint, either. Just keep the rest of your look clean, simple and elegant.


Little Greene – from left to right; Hellebore, Urbane Grey, Celestial Blue Prices from £19.25 per litre


Like what you see? Ask your Decologist to incorporate a grown-up pastel scheme into your home. Don’t forget that when starting your project, you can link back to your own Pinterest or Houzz accounts for inspiration, or upload images you may have picked up on the internet or in magazines (find out more about starting your project here:






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