Home Styling – what is it and why do I need it?

Home Styling – what is it and why do I need it?

December 12, 2016

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 It is easy to flick through the pages of your favourite glossy interiors magazine and get swept away in the gorgeously styled shoots. It can seem simple enough to recreate a certain look at home – but we think it takes the trained eye of of a professional to make it your own. This is where home styling comes in.  We find many customers come to us without truly understanding what an interior designer is. What differentiates interior design from styling? In fact – what is a home stylist?

The Difference

The main difference is a simple one. An interior designer will take into account building work – whether it be a wall that needs knocking down, or a wall that needs building. A home stylist will look at a room completely aesthetically, and what is needed to make it look beautiful and reach its true potential.


Home stylist also differs to an editorial stylist, who puts together those gorgeous shoots you pore over each month.The stylist will lift that shoot from the pages of the magazine and interpret it straight into your own living room. Many of our own designers have in fact made the leap from styling to interior design – Lucy Gough, for example, who has worked for the likes of Livingetc and Sunday Times Style, among others.

Photo credit: Lucy Gough



So, where does Lucy believe this trend for home styling has come from?


“It’s natural to want to mimic the style of people that you admire and look up to. The fact that we have access to celebrity homes means that there is more home styling inspiration than ever before”, she says. “I styled the home of a sports celebrity last month and I know people would have fallen over themselves to have seen the place- it was stunning!”


Making an impact

Many of our other Decologists agree. “The trend for home styling has risen with the popularity of sites likes Pinterest, Houzz and auction style websites with exclusive access alongside the easily accessibly designer homes displayed in magazines”, says Anne-Marie Springer. Anne Marie, one of our seasoned Decologists who has worked for the likes of Jonathan Adler.

“As people have had to improve their current homes rather than move there’s also been a relative rise in the budget available to spend on furniture and accessories as extensions cost less than moving. We’ve seen so many popular TV programmes in the UK in the past 2 decades, popularising home improvement, and retail suppliers have picked up on the home interior trend, providing customers with affordable styling options for their homes alongside the regular food shopping or wardrobe update”.

Photo credit: Anne-Marie Springer, House to Hold.


Elizabeth Danon, another Decologist and founder of EDIT, agrees. “Styling a home can be a much more affordable alternative to making structural changes. It can have a big effect on the space, providing a personalised experience by being surrounded by the items we love”.

Photo credit: Elizabeth Danon, The Edit 


“Making the most of what you already have, a good stylist can completely transform your space to reflect current trends or changes in our tastes or moods, a new season or even a special time of the year”, informs Decology founder, Sharon Costi. “For a few hundred pounds, a professional stylist will take your existing pieces and weave a new story with them, filling in the blanks with expertly selected items to complement what already exists. They know where to find that one piece that will bring it all together, just like a personal shopper. For many time-poor consumers, hiring a stylist is the perfect solution. It is effective, cost-efficient and eco-friendly as well”.


Photo credit: Nicola Masi


Keeping with Jones Gone Global


But home styling has developed rapidly in recent years; no longer is it simply a case of placing a cushion here and a rug there, we are thinking in much more aspirational terms when it comes to our homes.


“Keeping up with the Jones’ has gone global”, continues Costi. “With the advent of inspiration led sites such as Houzz, Apartment Therapy, Remodelista and the numerous lifestyle blogs out there we are exposed to so much fabulousness that trotting to Tottenham Court Road for new cushion covers just won’t do it anymore. You are not comparing your home with Mary two doors down; you’re now trying to recreate the look of the Ramblas penthouse you saw a week ago on Remodelista”.


So, what difference will home styling make?


One can easily order everything straight from the pages of your favourite magazine shoot to your home – but it takes a creative eye to put them together perfectly. And who wants to copy a look exactly? Why not add your own personal stamp to every look. Your Decologist will take into account your personal likes and dislikes and incorporate them into your final design. You can lay out all of this information in your initial brief.


The Designer will also know the market and the go-to stores to get the best deals and highest quality product. These will all be compiled into one final shopping list, from which you can purchase each item listed via the Decology marketplace at the end of your project – and all within your chosen budget.


“Achieving that sought after ‘casually thrown together’ look takes time, knowledge and a very good eye”, Costi explains. “You soon realise that going down to John Lewis on one trip will not do it. Anyone who has attempted to recreate such a look will attest at how time consuming it can be”.


Finally, your Decologist will issue you with styling advice – this will provide that final professional flourish to bring your look together. A cushion here, a strategically placed throw there – your designer will have this in mind when devising their initial concept. So, if you want to update your space but not up for tearing out walls and windows, fear not. They are there to guide you through the process from start to finish, ensuring you leave with a beautifully styled room at the end of the project.


So what are you waiting for? Find out more about starting your styling project.

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