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    Decology Editorial Team
    Oct 26 th, 2016
    Interiors 101-Know How 1 Comment

    Maximise your interior design budget

    Setting your budget is first things that you should tick of your to-do-list. But when it comes to interiors, budget is a matter of ‘how long is a piece of string’. Here at Decology, we look at interior design a little differently. We were the first completely online platform to launch in the UK, but this model has been tried and tested over in the USA for some time now. So how exactly do you benefit from online services such as ours? Time to investigate….

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    Access to a designer’s know-how

    Online platforms allow you access to a designer’s wealth of knowledge and expertise, resulting in a professionally designed room – without the hefty price tag. These services offer a personalised, affordable way for clients to redecorate, benefitting from your chosen designer’s professional advice without the costs associated with agencies. This also avoids expensive mistakes.

    Define your budget

    As a first step, online interior design platforms such as Decology will ask you to define your overall budget. This will include your designer’s fees and the items you need to purchase upon completion. This way, designers know exactly where they stand from the offset – and can promise to stick to this agreed price bracket. This is where our Decologists’ experience comes in. “A designer will work to your brief and help you maximise this budget. They will often help you spend less money by directing you to the right product range and alternatives that fit within your budget”, our Head of Design, Steven Robert Jackson, informs us. “Knowing your budget from the very beginning is fundamental to any project”.


    Do the ground work

    On a similar note, online platforms will ask the client to complete the often time consuming – and therefore expensive – tasks of providing measurements and floorplans at the start of the process. In doing so, the designer can then get on with doing what they do best – getting creative! This ensures clients really make the most of their professional designer’s expertise. Look to various apps and programmes, such as Floorplanner and MagicMeasure, that can help you do this yourself without calling in extra reinforcements, which cost time and money (you can find further assistance on this subject here:


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    Access your designer’s secret sources

    Designers will know instantly which products to turn to when working with particular budgets, as well as thinking-outside-the-box to some boutique brands of whom you may not previously have heard. “Your interior designer will provide access to numerous products, the latest innovations and trends that you might not even have thought of”, continues Jackson. “This product knowledge can often stretch a budget further by suggesting solutions that are not readily accessible on the high street”.


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    Work with your existing pieces


    Whether you’ve inherited a gorgeous antique ottoman or simply love your existing coffee table, an online designer will work with your existing pieces and incorporate these into your final design rather than completely overhauling your space. The initial brief, which will be posted online at the beginning of the process, will ask you to list these.


    Affordable fees


    Online design fees are far more affordable than traditional turn-key services. Decology’s own price structure operates on four different levels – express, classic, prime and masters – with different benefits to each. You may even receive your design fee returned through Decology’s cash back programme, which promises 10% off product purchases up to the value of your design fee. Every single project is also backed by our 100% money back guarantee, meaning if you don’t love the final design, we’ll reimburse you. It is win, win!


    Find out more about starting your project and see for yourself how Decology can maximise your decorating budget here, book your free consultation to find out more.





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