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    Decology Editorial Team
    Apr 18 th, 2016
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    Project in the spotlight – A bohemian bedroom

    When our client’s relocated back to London after a 3-year work stint in America, they were keen on redecorating their South-West London home that had been let in their absence. They were looking for an affordable service they could manage remotely, and a friend suggested Decology. They hired interior designer Trudy Blanco, while still in the States,  to help them get design their bedroom.  The brief was to create a light filled bohemian inspired bedroom, they had one requirement – the design had to incorporate a Super-King size bed.


    “With furniture delivery lead times 4-6 weeks, it was great to be able to work remotely and make all the choices in advance. It meant we didn’t have to sleep for 6 weeks on an inflatable mattress”

    The clients owned a few pieces they wanted to use in the design, including the Marie Galante Make Up Trunk and antique dresser, but for the most part Trudy had to source most of the furniture in the room. She decided to keep the walls white and used the tan leather of the make up trunk as her design anchor.


    To balance the interior design budget Trudy sourced pieces from online retailers, eBay and splurged on the artwork and furnishings from Caravanne.

    The first task was to select the most dominant piece in the room – the all-important Super-King sized bed. Trudy chose a studded upholstered headboard and matching storage bed in a washed charcoal grey linen, and used the owner’s pieces as miss-matched bedside tables.”I wanted to create an interior that would pass the test of time. Tan and charcoal, leather and linen, a studded headboard are all classic combinations that I knew could be ‘dressed-up’ in different moods as tastes change and evolve”

    A vintage haberdashery cabinet, that houses clothes and jewellery, and a selection soft furnishing and rugs  from Anthropology and Caravanne create the bohemian feel the clients were so keen on.


    Finally, to complete the look Trudy and her clients looked at different art options – ‘The key to selecting art online is to go to a reputable supplier. Another Criteria, were we sourced the Francesca Lowe print above the bed,  has a well curated selection as well as gallery quality framing’, says Trudy.

    So what do her client’s think? “We loved the result! our room is unique, bohemian and sexy – exactly what we wanted. On a sunny day, with the light coming through the windows it can feel as if you are in a boutique hotel in Tulum”

    And, who would not love to sleep every night in a boutique hotel?

    Designer: Trudy Blanco

    Location: London

    Time: 4 weeks

    Budget: £3,500