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    Natalie Dickens
    May 31 st, 2016
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    This room should feel Elegant & sophisticated

    Future requirement


    Love about the space


    Dislike/hate about the space

    (you can probably tell I’m a bit flat about it at the mo! 🙂

    Include the following Colours/prints/textures

    we like prints and textures but they must feel like they belong and fit in effortlessly.
    We are not afraid of colour and like bright colour as long as it doesn’t jar.
    The wardrobes and headboard are a soft grey

    Exclude the following Colours/prints/textures


    Would consider changing

    Wall finish At the moment the walls are a tone lighter then the wardrobes (grey) we do like the colour but would also be happy to consider changing them or even adding wallpaper.
    Flooring Floor needs to be carpet, but the same colour needs to flow through the top floor of the house and down the stairs.
    Window treatments At the moment we have an opaque off-white roller blind which is needed for privacy.
    Other rooms have the same roller blinds plus curtains.

    Practical requirement

    Storage Dressing table / area for make up and to hide the hairdryer, Bedsides with at least 1 drawer
    Lighting We have wall lights, hate them, although there were ££ – maybe a new shade would help?
    Seating Dressing table will need seating. I do have an old dressing table stool that could be re-cvoered.
    Workspace N/A
    Other We definately do not need to create any surfaces that my husband can drape clothes on! lol

    Favourite furniture brands and shops

    The White Company – I love the quality and considered style.
    Zoffany, Harlequin, Osbourne & Little
    Bed is from (
    The English Wardrobe Co (
    Laura Ashley
    Casa Fina
    John Lewis

    Pictures of the space

    Would like to keep in the design

    Should inspire this design

    Pinterest link:

    Floor plan

    Plan 3

    ND master bed metric

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