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    Kenneth Dierden
    Aug 1 st, 2016
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    Home office

    This room should feel Light & Airy

    Future requirement


    Love about the space

    It is very light and spacious with a high ceiling. I also like the large glass desk with a a lovely view of trees, on which I work. I also find the bureau very useful and I love the painting over the fireplace.

    Dislike/hate about the space

    I am not keen on the carpet which was here when I moved in two months ago. Neither am I keen on the bookcases. The filing cabinets are not ideal but I do need space for filing and am happy to keep them, may be painted.

    Include the following Colours/prints/textures

    No fixed ideas at the moment. But I prefer light colours and not busy prints

    Exclude the following Colours/prints/textures

    Would consider changing

    Wall finish I am happy for this to be painted.
    Flooring I am contemplating a wooden floor
    Window treatments I think a blind would be practical as opposed to curtains.but am uncertain about the style.

    Practical requirement

    Storage Filing cabinets for files. I currently have enough space with the three filing cabinets in the room. Also shelving for large files.
    Lighting Am happy with the existing central ceiling light
    Seating I would like a new office chair and possibly a comfy chair where I can read.
    Workspace I am happy with the existing desk

    Favourite furniture brands and shops

    Don't know

    Pictures of the space

    Would like to keep in the design

    Should inspire this design

    Pinterest link:

    Floor plan

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