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    Claudia Campbell
    Aug 1 st, 2016
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    This room should feel OtherClean and modern

    Future requirement

    Love about the space

    Nothing it’s been striped out.

    Dislike/hate about the space

    Include the following Colours/prints/textures

    White, pale or neutral colours. Possible gloss finish on the kitchen and maybe handle free.

    Exclude the following Colours/prints/textures

    Nothing fussy

    Would consider changing

    Wall finish Single colour white / neutral paint – small space want to make it feel as big as possible.
    Flooring Hard floor – most likely tiles.
    Window treatments Blind or nothing

    Practical requirement

    Storage Relatively little required. Kitchen unlikely to be used much.
    Lighting Bright
    Seating Ideally stools for up to two people
    Workspace hob – ideally flush with work top. hard surface – open to ideas, probably not wood.
    Other dishwasher – could be a half size, washing/ dryer, small fridge and freezer

    Favourite furniture brands and shops

    Skandia, Heals, Ikea (not against using for this kitchen).

    Pictures of the space

    Would like to keep in the design

    Should inspire this design

    Pinterest link:

    Floor plan

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