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    Susan Chaney
    Jul 28 th, 2016
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    Living room

    This room should feel Elegant & sophisticated

    Future requirement


    Love about the space

    I love the fireplace. It is relatively good sized room, it feels spacious.

    Dislike/hate about the space

    There isn't a nice view from the side windows, one looks out on a brick wall and the other one looks out to the neighbour's house (not a green view). This is the reason I have got the shutters.
    The room is a bit dark as it is north facing, but since we use it in the evenings its not that important.

    Include the following Colours/prints/textures

    Black and Gold, velvet lush textures, and for accent colours I am open to suggestions but in the range of blues (not teal), yellows and greens. The sofa's are buttermilk leather and a charcoal grey chennielle (Multiyork).

    Exclude the following Colours/prints/textures


    Would consider changing

    Practical requirement

    Storage Low media for the TV,
    Lighting Lamps dotted around the room (overhead already provide as spots)
    Other Footstool fairly high, coffee table and side tables

    Favourite furniture brands and shops

    John Lewis, Bo Concept (I have a credit note for £300), To Dixon lighting, Habitat

    Pictures of the space

    Would like to keep in the design

    Should inspire this design

    Pinterest link:

    Floor plan

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