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    Maria Mastrocostas
    Jun 29 th, 2016
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    Living room

    This room should feel Elegant & sophisticated

    Future requirement

    Yes, we have two sideboards which we must keep. Also, the home will be white wall/off white.

    Love about the space

    roomy, open, high ceilings

    Dislike/hate about the space

    sometimes a little dark…

    Include the following Colours/prints/textures

    we like the colour scheme, silver/grey velvet sofas, if we could also incorporate a victorian regency style dining table with modern velvet royal/navy blue chairs.
    possibly a blue velvet ottoman or a marble coffee table with wooden frame (i have been looking at knoll tables)
    we like modern look but not nordic modern. and classic

    Exclude the following Colours/prints/textures

    can’t think of any right now..

    Would consider changing


    Practical requirement

    Storage we have the sideboards which we are keeping
    Lighting yes change
    Seating soft and warm..two sofas and two occasional chairs needed or one big chaise lounge and a sofa
    Other dinning table – must seat 6 and would be good if it is extendable to more ppl with one or two leafs

    Favourite furniture brands and shops

    eichhultz furniture
    ralph lauren
    happy for self design

    Pictures of the space

    Would like to keep in the design

    Should inspire this design

    Pinterest link:

    Floor plan

    Floor plan

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