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    Nov 6 th, 2017
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    Simple interior design hacks to update your home  

    If you’re looking to update your home or a part of it, but want to do it without having to spend too much valuable time and money on an interiors overhaul, our in-house interior designer, Lizzie Lester shares her simple interior design hacks.

    Refresh your lighting

    Lighting can have a huge impact on a space, changing both its look and mood. A great way to bring drama and elevate your space is to introduce an oversized pendant light or chandelier. Or try adding impact by updating your existing table lamp shades with a new and interesting print.

    tobi-ishi - Elle Decor

    Bring in texture

    As the weather gets colder, incorporate tactile pieces, such as new chunky knit cushions and cosy, textural sheepskin rugs or throws – mixing up textures can change both the overall balance and the tone of you scheme.

    Add seasonal greenery

    It seems so simple, and it is! Bringing in seasonal greenery is a really quick and easy way to bring texture, a pop of natural colour and an autumnal or wintery feel to your space.  It doesn’t even have to be real, artificial plants and flowers can be just as effective – but sadly won’t breathe oxygen into your space!


    Get painting

    There’s nothing like a fresh coat of paint to instantly and literally refresh a room. Using a contemporary, bold shade can update your room and help to bring a new focus to the pieces in it.

    rural_living - OKA


    Creative accoutrements

    Upgrade door knobs, handles and pulls on dressers, chests and kitchen cupboards. This is a really simple change, but this little finishing touch can make a huge impact; making inexpensive pieces look luxurious; vintage pieces more contemporary and vice versa.