interior design style

What’s your interior design style?

Everyone is unique and we appreciate that you often can’t put personal style into one box, but at Decology we believe we can make it easier for you to find your interior design style by providing four umbrella styles that we use to categorise the style boards in our fabulous Lookbook within our Online Interior Design studio. Know your style and it’s easier to find your perfect scheme. So, what’s your interior design style?

Interiors Style: Industrial Urban

The industrial revolution brought accessibility and mass production to the world of interior design.  An abundance of ornate decorative objects descended on our homes and now we cannot get enough of the reasonably priced products that make our dwellings look inviting. Industrial interior design however, is a revolution against the flow of standardised interiors. It emerged from an increasing demand for individuality. When old factories and industrial spaces were being developed into apartments, a unique style emerged inspired by the appreciation …