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    Decology Editorial Team
    May 15 th, 2017
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    Ten ideas to create a dreamy bedroom

     Cover image bedroom by Decologist Rebecca Lindon
    There’s no need to lose sleep when it comes to designing a dream bedroom.With a few simple ideas you can create a chic retreat, where you can rest and recharge.

    The dark side

    We all love the sun but who wants a 4 am wake up call in the summer months? A set of stylish plantation shutters will keep your room cool in the summer and warm in the winter, with adjustable slats to let in the right amount of light.
    Dreamy Bedroom

    Blissful beds

    dreamy Bedroom

    The most important item is the bed, so take time to choose one that’s right for you and yours. This buttoned Peony divan from Button & Sprung has a handmade solid wood frame and can be covered in any fabric. We think it’s rather fetching in this gorgeous navy, particularly when surrounded by walls in corresponding and contrasting colours.

    Material gains

    Layering textiles in similar tones is a great way to add interest to a room through texture. Choose an accent shade such as the muted red seen in the House of Fraser cushions here to prevent it from being bland, and vary the sizes of patterns and prints for a calm, cohesive look.

    Dreamy Bedroom

    Sleep tight

    It’s not just about looks, a bedroom needs to function well and the best way to achieve the perfect night’s sleep is with a good mattress. Herdy Sleep offer traditionally tufted mattresses that are British made with natural materials: Herdwick wool, cashmere and
    cotton, all super-comfy breathable fibres ideal for regulating body temperature.
    4 Herdysleep - Bedroom Chalet (half dressed)

    Winning wardrobes

    Clutter-free surfaces create a feeling of calm, so ensure everything has a place with a sufficient storage system. The fitted wardrobes at John Lewis of Hungerford can be adapted to any space in order to maximise every centimetre.

    Dreamy Bedroom

    Hidden depths

    Of course, under the bed storage is a great way to utilise space and if you don’t have room for pull out divan drawers, a storage bed like the Braydon from Willow & Hall is a great option; ideal for stowing bed linen and items you don’t use every day.

    Dreamy Bedroom

    All white now

    A blank canvas such as white walls and floors with a neutral bed frame will give you the freedom to alter the look and feel of your room with a simple change of bed linen. This charming Blah Blah duvet set by Donna Wilson for The Secret Linen Store is bound to raise a smile.

    Dreamy Bedroom

    Light the way

    Mix overhead and task lighting to create different moods. A reading lamp needs to be bright, while a pendant hung either side of the bed and fitted with a dimmer switch is a stylish way to lower the lights.
    Dreamy Bedroom

    Tread lightly

    Stepping out of bed onto soft carpet is something many of us opt for, but it doesn’t have to be plain. Patterned carpet is having a resurgence and this Wool Crafty Diamond Briolette from Alternative Flooring is a great way to introduce it in a subtle way.
    Dreamy Bedroom

    Everyday decadence

    Dreamy Bedroom /

    Dreamy bedrooms can still be dramatic so take inspiration from the legendary Pikes Hotel in Ibiza and its recent revamp by Rockett St George and inject some instant glamour into yours. Dark smoky walls and a neon sign ooze instant opulence.