5 Tips to Transform Your Home Office

5 Tips to Transform Your Home Office

February 10, 2017

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With increasing numbers of people now working from home, it makes sense that we start to give more attention to our own, personal home office space. Often very much of an afterthought, squashed into a dark corner at the back of the house, it’s about time the humble home office got shown the same sort of love and consideration that we give to planning out our living rooms or bedrooms.

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We’ve drawn up a list of 5 quick tips that can help transform your home office into the motivational and productive space it needs to be. Don’t have a dull office – get inspired, and we can guarantee you will be reaping the rewards.

  1. Good lighting – Keep your workspace light and airy. This will not only support visibility but improve your mood. Maximise natural light and ensure you add adequate levels of artificial light through task and ambient lighting in order to avoid eye strain and headaches. Similarly, position screens to escape glare from a window or an overhead light.

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  1. Organize your space – A clear space equals a clear mind, right? Keep your office tidy and make sure any printers, wires and clutter are hidden away, in, or behind cupboards. Home offices are often small therefore the space has to work hard. Storage solutions such as floating shelves and vertical file folders on the desk can all help to maximise your available area.


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  1. Inspiring walls – There’s no question that working from home can sometimes get a little tough on the motivational front. Keep focused with an inspirational pin board, tacked with images and inspiring quotes that can help keep your productivity and focus on track.


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  1. Seating – This is a case of function and form. It’s inevitable that you will be spending large stretches of time sat at your desk. Make sure your chair not only looks beautiful but is ergonomically designed to support good back posture.

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  1. Make it personal – Avoid the sterile environment of the dull, corporate office. This is YOUR space – personalize it by adding your favourite colour to the walls, decorate with some small personal accessories, have flowers, light a candle… Treat your home office like any other room in your house. It should reflect you, for you to feel happy and motivated, and inspired to work.

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For this, and more tips on how to update and refresh your home in 2017, keep tuned to the Decology Blog. Or if you would like some help transforming your home office, start your project now!

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