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    Decology Editorial Team
    Mar 21 st, 2016
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    Top tips: designing a hotel style bathroom

    Victoria + Albert Ravello Bath,, Photo credit: Oliver Burns, Prices from £2825



    If there is one room in the home that embodies the very essence of luxury, it is the bathroom. There is nothing more luxurious than a long and indulgent soak – and often our busy lifestyles and hectic day-to-day lives mean that it is only when taking time out and spending time soaking in the tub  we truly relax and unwind. It is no surprise, then, that the world’s most luxurious hotels favour some of the most opulent bathrooms – and there is no reason to not recreate this in your own home. Whether you opt for a chic, neutral scheme or a bold, dramatic backdrop, follow our top tips to create a spa-like sanctuary at home and achieve that glamourous hotel look.


    Choose a freestanding bath


    Freestanding baths are synonymous with hotel bathrooms worldwide. Acting as a focal point in the bathroom – or, in some cases, found at the foot of the bed – a freestanding bath makes a dramatic design statement.  Whether it’s a classic roll-top or cutting-edge design, freestanding baths are the perfect way to wind down by yourself or with a partner after a long day.


    Incorporate a dressing area


    Combining your bathroom with a dressing room gives an air of grandeur to any bathroom. If you have the space available, place your bath at the centre and surround it with vanity units, mirrors or fitted wardrobes and cabinets to create the ultimate walk-in-wash-and-dress-wardrobe.


    Walk in showers


    Not a fan of a bath? A walk-in shower is for you. Not only are they romantic, but practical too. Add to its spa-like feel with a waterfall shower head and floor-to-ceiling tiles for a decadent look.


    Twin sets


    His-and-her or side-by-side basins immediately create a sense of luxury – plus they ensure no fighting for space or over products!


    Don’t forget the accessories


    Accessories make all the difference to any room – be it a bathroom, kitchen or bedroom. They elevate any space from a well designed room to a beautiful room. In the bathroom, opt for candles, bath shelves, floor-length mirrors and clever storage ideas to keep your bathroom looking sleek and stylish. Get your lighting right, too – too bright and it will affect the overall mood of your bathroom.


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